Logan: A Fitting Epilogue, Hopefully a Prologue

Logan, officially the last X-Men installment starring Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman as Professor X and the Wolverine respectively, is the darkest journey the cinematic Wolverine has faced yet (except having had to kill Jean Grey, of course). The movie is every bit as gory as can be expected of one with the titular character having claws of indestructible metal, topped off with temper issues.

The movie is a great blend of story, emotion, dark humour, action sequences and (surprisingly uncut) colourful language.

Logan (Hugh Jackman) is a tired old man (we have the make-up department of nearly 26 people to thank for presenting us with Old Man Logan and X24), with his strength deteriorating because of the the toxicity from adamantium, in 2029. He takes to becoming a Chrysler limousine chauffeur, in 2029. The mutants are all seemingly gone, except for the ill Professor X and his caretaker, Caliban, who are both housed in Mexico by Logan. X23/Laura (Dafne Keene) is entrusted to Logan for safety by a nurse, and the movie follows Logan’s mission of saving her from strangely-without-conscience authorities.

My favourite part of the movie is, without doubt, X23, played by Dafne Keen, daughter of British actor, Will Keen (The Crown, Wolf Hall) and Spanish actress, Maria Fernandez Ache (Also a trained gymnast). She is mostly quiet through the film (much like Laura Kinney of the comics) , but Keen successfully manages to convey her intent and feeling.

“[Keen] has got such powerful presence,” Priscilla John, casting director, says. “She’s got extraordinary charisma. She’s either going to be heading a huge international company, or she’s going to be a big star when she grows up.”

There are many moments in the movie where X23 steals the show from Wolverine (who for some small part of the movie, keeps falling in and out of consciousness), and it is a treat watching her shouting down The Wolverine.

“Such a nice man!” – X23 to Logan

Watching her slash people’s throats in a shirt with a unicorn on it, is particularly amusing, as well as her habit of taking things into her own hands when Logan won’t co-operate.

And Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart make a great team, both of them adding to the humour with their bickering.

“Logan! LOGAN! … I have to pee.” – Professor X to Logan

Despite the humour, it is heartbreaking to see Professor X so ill and helpless, and Sir Patrick Stewart does a brilliant job in portraying the severely ill professor.

The movie is a great watch, and in my opinion, definitely worth the hype and wait.

Why to watch the movie:

  • Dafne Keen as X23 is brilliant! Just the right amount of bestiality and innocence.
  • You simply do not want to miss the X23’s *calmly eats cereal* moment in the movie.
  • The movie makes you realize why no one but Hugh Jackman could have played Wolverine.
  • The movie successfully makes you cry and laugh a little, while clinging tightly to your seats.
  • X-Men comics feature in the movie, which I found highly amusing because it was a situation of glancing through, rather than breaking, the fourth wall.
  • The Deadpool preview

Why not to watch the movie:

  • You don’t not watch it.

Although a certain era of the X-Men movies is over, I do hope we get to see X23 again in a standalone movie. I know Hugh Jackman thinks that Shah Rukh Khan would be a great Wolverine, but why go that far when we’ve got X23. Director James Magnold is already willing to make another movie with her character in the centre.



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